What you need to know

FRISCO EATS is a community devoted to FriscoFoodies from Frisco, Texas who dine out with their families, enjoy a nice meal on date night, or who just want to spend their money wisely on a great meal.

Our Mystery Diners make it a point to visit the new and trendy eateries, but we don’t forget about the old favorites. Our writers and reviewers will honestly assess the food, the atmosphere, and the service and value of every restaurant we visit. We’ll feature your reviews right next to ours. We’ll ask kids about menus targeted to them. Partiers will point us toward the best places to enjoy an adult libation.

We’ll unveil some of the secret recipes that create the best dishes we find, like the pan steamed Mussels Marinara appetizer featured in the picture above, and we’ll tell you where to find this tantalizingly sweet cinnamon bun. It probably isn’t where you think.

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